Demco Mechanical


Design Build

As a full service design-build contractor, Demco Mechanical Services, Inc. is capable of handling all of your HVAC design needs.  Working from an initial drafting board drawing or a general set of building specifications, our designers can create what you need for implementation at the construction site.  Demco can fabricate everything to finish the job in house and will work efficiently with all members of your team, including architects, engineers and general contractors.

Our experience in HVAC system design and construction has led to many satisfied customers.  Many report significant reductions in operating and maintenance costs along with noticeable improvements in air quality and system reliability.


Benefits of Good Design

Because HVAC systems account for 40% to 60% of the energy used in commercial buildings, good design work is critical.  Many issues that surface after a job is completed are related to inferior design work, including user discomfort, poor indoor air quality, and improper ventilation.  At Demco, we address each of these issues early in the schematic design phase so we work within your budget and save energy costs without sacrifice to user comfort or air quality.

Pricing a Project

Once a plan meets your requirements, our Sales and Estimating department will assist you with all your pricing needs.  Whether it's a simple roof top unit or a complete a complete central boiler, temperature controls, or chilled water plan, we're ready to help.  We provide everything from budget estimates to formal quotations on your projects.

Many customers request pricing based on the estimated scope of a project alone without specifications and engineering drawings.  Our sales staff works out design/build quotes on a regular basis and is happy to help design a project that works well and fits within your budget.  We will add our design expertise to help you define the scope of your project and create a realistic estimate of what's involved.

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